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The Top Calorie Burning Sports

Anyone that has either had to lose weight or chosen to lose weight will know the emphasis that you have to place on calorie burning. Now most sports and exercises burn calories; however, there are a few elite calorie burning activities that you should utilise. 

Please bear in mind that the calorie burning figures I will list are the average number of calories burned for the average male, weighing in at 190 lbs and the average female weighing 163 lbs.

1. Spinning / Elliptical Training
Spinning classes have been growing in popularity massively over the last few years, particularly in the UK. This growth in popularity is due in part to the Great British cycling success that we've experienced in the past few years. The average man will burn up to 980 calories per hour and the average woman will burn up to 851 calories per hour.

2. Skiing 
Skiing (both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing) is sport that you can have access to all-year-round if you live near a snow-dome or skiing centre. Taking up skiing as a sport could also put you in good stead for future holidays or excursions.
The average male can burn up to 980 calories per hour and the average woman can burn up to 841.

3. Full Court Basketball
Basketball isn't a widely popular sport in the UK; however, it should be popular in weight loss circles! It can also be a great hobby to bond with your friends through teamwork. The average man will burn about 940 calories per hour and the average woman will burn 810.

4. Football
Football is by far the most popular sport in the UK and can also help you on the path to the body of your dreams! A competitive game of football requires a high level of teamwork and constant movement at a high intensity. This kind of exercise simulates interval training as it's very much start-stop. 
The average man will burn around 862 calories while lady footballers will burn 745 calories per hour.

5. Running

Running is a great hobby to take up and a good way to see parts of your local area that you might not otherwise. Running for 60 minutes will burn 865 calories for the average male and 740 for the average female.

Of course to get the most of these exercises and sports, it's important that you hydrate your body well and eat the right things. The average male should drink around 3 litres and the average female should drink around 2.2 litres, ideally this would be filtered or distilled water. Most gyms now have chilled and filtered water coolers, for more information on these machines please click here.